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A beautiful and minimalist theme pack and generator for jQuery Mobile 1.3.1

Download Graphite v1.3.1

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Getting started

Graphite is powered by jQuery Mobile and comes with eight default colors.

  1. Download

    To grab Graphite, just download an archive or clone the github repo. Graphite comes with a set of pre-made themes in the "generated" folder based around three simples colors.

  2. Install

    To add a Graphite theme to your jQuery Mobile 1.3.1 project, just copy the theme CSS over in place of the jQuery Mobile default CSS file.

  3. Customize

    You can use our pre-made themes or even build your own by using the helper/ script and the settings in themes/yourtheme.yaml.

jQuery Mobile Themes FTW!

Graphite is 100% open source, meaning you're free to use and contribute to it in any way you like. Graphite was crafted with love in Madison, WI by Max Lynch, Ben Sperry, and Joe Nelson.